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Looking forward with Fakir to summer

If you believe in the numerous weather forecasts, we could again expect a hot summer this year.
However, as nice a cool strawberry ice cream and swimming in the pool are, the hot and humid pent-up air gets heavily to us at home and in the office, our abilities and our concentration can be deteriorated noticeably, accordingly we feel uncomfortable and tired. more

With a fakir air conditioner you can enjoy the benefits of summer without experiencing these disadvantages. Because long ago air conditioners are no longer an exorbitant luxury. Fakir offers the portable air conditioner 1020 Prestige at an attractive price. This device satisfies with energy efficiency class A, a cooling capacity of 2650 watts (9000 BTU) and can be controlled by the soft-touch control panel on the device or practically by a remote control. The exhaust air hose can be stored when not in use sideways of the device and thus does not disturbs or does not take place elsewhere when stored. Various fan speeds and the electronic temperature and time delay arrange for energy-saving efficiency. more

Fakir air conditioners not only reduce the room temperature on a comfortable level, but extracts also the air from too high air humidity. more

Fakir fans provide for fresh air and pleasant temperatures on hot summer days. Whether as compact table unit on your desk or as a powerful floor-mounted unit in the residential area, Fakir fans are exactly the right to feel good at home or at the workplace and to be capable. Here, the devices are characterized by convenient smoothness, shapely colour and housing versions, stability and multiple speed levels for individual cooling. Particularly mentionable are the two novelties: the pedestal fan VC 40 S oscillating oval, for a large air movement and the tower fan TV 18, both respectively with convenient remote control, 7.5-hours-timer, 3 speeds, oscillation and 3 wind modes.

Such equipped, the hot summer can come. Look forward to it because we from Fakir care for the fresh wind and the pleasant comfortable climate in your home!

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