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Healthy climate at home - thanks to Fakir

Perfect freshness and hygiene for every home with the multifunction air purifier and ionizer VIGOR Plus.

Nothing is more relaxing than the purity of nature that animates us and allows us to breathe freely - a little holiday for the senses. Especially for children, the elderly or allergy sufferers is such a "breather" more than luxury namely pure health for the body. The secret are negatively charged air particles, resulting mainly in the mountains and waters. With VIGOR Plus you can now enjoy this at home.

People spend most part of their lives in closed rooms. There are various reasons for poor air quality: too little or too much air humidity, fine dust, allergen substances, scales from pets, unpleasant smells like cigarette smoke. Usual air purifiers cannot meet these requirements; therefore the VIGOR Plus combines the mechanical and electrostatic process of purification with a particularly effective multistage filter system.

Intelligent comfort
The VIGOR Plus is equipped with an intelligent control by sensors diagnosing the kind and degree of the individual pollution on its own. An automatic mode with "quiet setting" always ensures an optimum and quiet operation so that the device does not need more attention: One press on the remote control is enough and odors are filtered from the living room and kitchen. Comfort while sleep: Simply place the timer and the Vigor Plus switches off automatically.

Clever performance
Strong and efficient sensor technology: fastest air cleaning in rooms up to 70 m² through multiple air inlet, but with lowest energy consumption. Throughout the whole year fresh and healthy air cost you on average use only a few euros per year. Maintenance is also easier than never before, namely very rare: Sensors monitor the condition of the filter as well as the ultraviolet lamp and show exactly which part needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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