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IFA 2017 The new  Air Wave® series from the house Fakir

PM Fakir Air Wave series EN Fakir IFA 2017 Air Wave® series


IFA 2017 Balance Fakir

PM Fakir Balance EN Fakir IFA 2017 Balance

Looking forward with Fakir to summer

If you believe in the numerous weather forecasts, we could again expect a hot summer this year.
However, as nice a cool strawberry ice cream and swimming in the pool are, the hot and humid pent-up air gets heavily to us at home and in the office, our abilities and our concentration can be deteriorated noticeably, accordingly we feel uncomfortable and tired. more

Floor cleaning with Fakir

The SPECIAL MODEL program of FAKIR is extended by the two compact vacuum cleaners Fakir A1 and Fakir A2. They provide for more pep with their new form and their exclusive colours in the house and flat cleaning. Equipped as standard with HEPA filter and hard floor nozzle - the Fakir A2 is additionally equipped with a turbo brush. more

New floor care specialist from Fakir

For all looking for a vacuum cleaner beyond care solutions, Fakir is with its over 80 years of expertise the first choice. Fakir offers next to a power range of vacuum cleaners, certainly also special cleaning solutions for professional requirements in the private area. For example: Our floor polisher 3 SL cleans hard floors since 40 years with best performances in the private and professional area.

Healthy climate at home - thanks to Fakir

Perfect freshness and hygiene for every home with the multifunction air purifier and ionizer VIGOR Plus.

Nothing is more relaxing than the purity of nature that animates us and allows us to breathe freely - a little holiday for the senses. Especially for children, the elderly or allergy sufferers is such a "breather" more than luxury namely pure health for the body. The secret are negatively charged air particles, resulting mainly in the mountains and waters. With VIGOR Plus you can now enjoy this at home. more