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Wilhelm Kicherer began our company’s success story in 1933 when he founded the family-owned company Fakir in Mühlacker. At this time, machines and appliances for cleaning floors were manufactured. Fakir - an acronym for the family Kicherer - soon became as well a term for high-quality and innovative technology in the field of home appliances. During the expansion of the company in the 50s, electric heating appliances for household use were added to the production programme. In 1978, in future-oriented planning the corporate management acquired a large new plant in Vaihingen / Enz. One part of the Mühlacker production has been relocated there as the original work in the city center needed to give way to the redesign of the urban core and the development of the cultural center and the shopping mall Mühlehof. With the spatial expansion an innovative company development went hand in hand. Focused on the challenges of a growing European market and rapidly changing technologies, Fakir could acquire high-quality products with its unmistakable profile of quality. To this contributes the innovative planning corporate management till this day, the intensively researching development department as well as all of our highly motivated and qualified employees. Today, Fakir’s product portfolio includes floor cleaning, floor care, heating appliances, small appliances and the product lines ventilation/air conditioners, steam cleaning as well as appliances for the wellness area.