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Floor Care


Maximum performance means to us to continuously further develop existing products to meet the growing demands of our customers with respect to performance, simple operation and last but not least quality.

Quality is more than just durability and sturdiness; suction power more than just motor output – it’s all down to the perfected interaction of all components from the handle to the brush or nozzle, regardless of size or appliance type. It is not just about building the best and most powerful vacuum cleaner, it is important to supply top-quality appliances for every output and price range and to ensure that these are tailored to meeting your individual needs and requirements to make your work as easy as possible whilst remaining kind to the cleaning surfaces despite high suction power. Regardless of whether you need a Premium appliance with a wide range of accessories or a modern styled compact model for a single household, each Fakir vacuum cleaner provides everything you would expect from a high-class appliance within its class.

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